Tuesday, 3 November 2009


This goes with the previous two posts.

Sounds odd, but this sort of doesn't look like I did it. But i saw me do it so I'm pretty sure i did. Anyway, it's a preta (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Preta).


  1. These are so strong and interesting. They remind me of some of the art you used to do years ago, the hearts etc, but they also seem to be begging questions which I dont think I can ask.

  2. Yeah, drawing the buddhist demon did feel a bit 'oh I remember this!'
    I think stepping away from my watercolours for a bit is a good thing, it's a bit more spontaneous, a quicker result and stuff. Plus, I'm running out!

    I'm not sure I ever stopped doing the heart - they popped up in tattoo designs now and again even.
    They do all have meanings, although I'm assuming they're pretty ambiguous to anyone but me. They're largely about reconciliation - with time, with events - and resolution (both senses of the word). That doesn't help at all, right? Just serves to make me sound pretentious? Ah well...